Monday, April 15, 2013

Tackling the "Little" Things: How to Shampoo without Water!

I bathe my 95-year-old Mom every week, seated in the shower. We were counting on her getting her hair done regularly....but, not so fast! Mom was reluctant to go to the beauty salon for some reason, and her hair needed washing!

So, how do you shampoo a slippery little Mom without water?

Here are a couple of tricks:

1. Sprinkle baby powder or spray a dry shampoo product ("Pssst") into the hair. Brush well.

     - or, try this one:

2. I found a great product, "No Rinse Shampoo," in a beauty supply company for about $6.00/bottle. You work it into dry hair with your fingers, towel dry, and style! Here are photos of my Mom's experience. It worked great, and solved a small - but real - problem.


A great, and inexpensive solution!

I remember using a rinseless shampoo with Steve when he was bed-ridden. That one was called a "shampoo cap." You put what looked like a treated shower cap on his head, rubbed the shampoo in, and toweled him dry. Again, a great solution - though more expensive.

Anyone who has been a care provider understands that it's the little solutions that make the biggest differences!

Linda Gromko, MD

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